Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold (’12)

It’s about time someone released a half decent album that is absolutely not forward thinking. Parquet Courts’ debut LP Light Up Gold is the throwback to 90s American grunge that the music scene wasn’t aware it needed. They’re not trying to impress anyone with hip-now sounds or progressive styles. Fuck off chill-wave. Fuck off psych. Parquet Courts are here.

Andrew Savage, previously of Fergus & Geronimo moved from Texas to the hipster mecca of Brooklyn, NY. Originally released on cassette, Light Up Gold has since been rereleased on What’s Your Rupture? early this year. It’s pure post-punk, garage rock pleasure – no bullshit. The album is just a ton of fun. Its restrained energy leaves you with a strange sort of expectation that never really disappears, and it’s wonderful and hugely enthusiastic. Savage’s lyricism gives the album this conflicting stoner-slacker vibe, with an undercurrent of reality being rather shit. In their slacker-ism (a new word!) they’re not attempting to run away from reality, if anything they’re facing it head on – “Socrates died in the FUCKING gutter!!!” don’t ya know.

Sure, you can call it a 90s slacker rock throwback, but Savage and co. hate the slacker label. They’re quick to mention that they all hold jobs in New York – because really, if you’re living in Brooklyn and in a band, you kinda don’t have a choice. They’re an interesting recipe – early Pavement, a little Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers, bit of Wire, throw some Feelies in there and bam. Parquet Courts. Passing on it? Your loss.



Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold (2012)

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